Custom Rolling Papers



1. Start by uploading your image in the image box above. with a white or transparent background (if you need assistance with editing images, we offer the option to remove the backgrounds or to create full designs from scratch)

2. Add a description for special requests in the text box above.

3. Select if you want the design to be a pattern or one large design per paper.

4. Select the quantity here or go to Checkout and select the amount of packs there.

5. Select one design per pack so if you need a second design, start steps 1 to 4 again and enjoy premium designer papers fully customized for you.



Bring the art back to your rolling by creating your own custom pack of papers. For the very first time, place your designs directly on the rolling paper and express yourself with your brand, your humor and your art. Every pack contains 20 papers and purchase as little as one pack to get your own custom designs.

These designs are 100% up to you and they allow you to create papers that are unique to you. The rice papers we use are completely vegan and are printed using edible water based ink.